SmartMix Now Supports Bitcoin Cash!
By Smartmix / 18.01.2019 03:01 h

We are excited to introduce SmartMix's latest feature, our Bitcoin Cash mixer! Our platform now supports both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash mixes with the same easy process. With blockchain analysis getting better all the time, it's important to prioritize the privacy of your Bitcoin Cash.

If you bought your bitcoin cash from an exchange and provided your personal information, then only thing keeping regulators or hackers from connecting your real-life identity to your bitcoin cash wallet is the exchange's security measures-- whatever they are. Is that enough? At SmartMix, we don't leave security to chance. Mixing your Bitcoin Cash is a vital step to protecting your online anonymity and the privacy of your transactions. Now, you can use SmartMix for mixing Bitcoin Cash! Keep your Bitcoin Cash secure and your identity private with SmartMix.