Why you need a Bitcoin Mixer
By Smartmix / 29.10.2018 09:10 h

Every day brings new advancements in blockchain developments and applications. This technology has transformed the way we think about record keeping and financial transactions in many fields. However, for cryptocurrency users, blockchain technology hasn't delivered the financial anonymity it once seemed to promise. Since blockchains are public ledgers of information, every single transaction is available to anyone who cares to look. In an environment where all transactions are public, how can crypto users keep their real identities separate from their online transactions? One step they can take to protect their anonymity is using a bitcoin mixer. What, then, is a bitcoin mixer and why do you need one? 

When you start using bitcoin, your create a bitcoin wallet. Your wallet has a public key (your wallet address) and a private key (your password for proving the wallet is yours). You use your wallet address and the addresses of other bitcoin users to send and receive bitcoin. However, when you use your wallet address to complete a bitcoin transaction, you expose your address to another person or group, and with your public wallet address they can see all the other addresses you've sent bitcoin to or received payment from-- your full financial history in bitcoin with that address.

It's easy to see how this can cause problems. If all of your blockchain-based financial activity is completely exposed anytime you send or receive bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, it can put you at risk of being hacked or found by tax authorities. Bitcoin mixer Smartmix restores financial freedom to cryptocurrency investors. Here's how it works:

1. You send your BTC to Smartmix

2. Smartmix's mixing algorithm adds your deposit to our pool, and you get back new, clean, untraceable bitcoin sent to the wallet or wallets your specify.

3. Now, there's no remaining link between the old wallet address you sent from, and the new receiving address address. 

You have a fresh start on the blockchain! From now on, your new wallet and coins have no connection to your original wallet and the financial history associated with it. After mixing, no one can know how much cryptocurrency you have, who you've sent to or received from, or who you are in real life. Using Smartmix to mix your bitcoin is not only useful but necessary if you're serious about your online privacy.

Stay safe and happy mixing!