How does deposit work?

SmartMix allows you to mix your Bitcoins against the Bitcoins that we hold in our pool. When you deposit your Bitcoins we mix them with Bitcoins from other people that are doing mixings with smartmix .The random mixing of the incoming Bitcoins results in a ‘broken’ chain that will make sure the Bitcoins you receive are not connected to the Bitcoins you sent in. The high number of daily mixings that we do assures the complete anonymity of the Bitcoins you receive back.

What fee do you take?

We operate with a transparent and very low fee. We take a 0.5% service fee per transaction plus a fee of 0.0001 BTC per payout address as transaction fee.

How long does it take for my Bitcoin to be mixed?

You can chose between fast and delayed payout. Fast payout will start after the incoming transaction has reached 2 confirmations. After that your Bitcoins will be transferred to your payout address(es). Delayed payment takes between 5 and 24 confirmations. This feature increases the privacy of your transaction as it is even harder for a third party to trace back the transaction if the payout is randomly delayed.

How long do you keep logs?

We save the transaction details for seven days in order to make sure that we can give you good support in case you have questions. After seven days we completely delete all the details of the transactions from our servers.

What will happen if I send less than 0.001 BTC?

Amounts smaller than 0.001 BTC are not profitable for us to mix. Therefore we consider smaller amounts sent to us as donations.

What happens if my browser crashes during the mixing process?

If the mix hasn’t started yet i.e. you haven’t already send your Bitcoins just create a new mix. If the mix has already started don’t worry - your funds are in the process of being mixed. You can restart your browser, go to smartmix.io and click on ‘Check your mix’. On this page you can insert the transaction number we provided during initiating the mix. You can then check the status of your mix.

Can I reach you?

Sure. We’re here to serve you. Pls use the contact form and we’ll get back to you soonest.

Is your service accessible via Tor?

Yes it is. You can access our service through the clearnet domain (smartmix.io) or through the following Tor URL: smartmixnjmuoixj.onion